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This has to be the best pizza place in the world i literally drool for it, im a college student and when i tell you i could live off their pizza i can, the services is great and the people are sweet and hard workers. Fyi this place is always packed because thats how good it is❤For the comment that said its looks dirty and ghetto very rude and disrespectful and clearly you were raised to know that people who start from scratch or do homemade cooking the restaurant doesn't look like something out of emeril lagaseys kitchen. It looks like a regular pizza place , you could always take ya pizza and go
- danasha j.
just called at 930 pm thinking they were open till 10... This teenage girl who I always hate dealing with answers with an attitude saying we're closed.... No hi Thankyou for call sorry to tell u were closed just flat out rude tells me their closed... I asked where her customer service skills were... Never had a bad experience until this girl started working there... Has a chip on her shoulder and acts like it's an inconvenience taking orders in person and on the phone... Hello?!? I might have called when your closed but its customers like me who go there all the time that are putting money in her pocket... I refuse to deal with her ever again and I'm sure I'm not the only one she's caused a bad experience for... It's too bad cuz the food is great but that brat needs an attitude adjust ASAP
- Laura C.
I love the sauce. Surprisingly I enjoy the sweet sauce
- Danielle D.
It i f my granddaughters favorite place in the world to eat if they want pizza they tell there mom and dad to go to express
- Maria R.
Bit of a dive but pizza is tasty as its always been
- Kinlord M.
Fast and reliable delicious
- Esther R.
this is the best stuff in the city....chewwy crust....nice toppings.....brings me back in the day!!!!!
- Dan H.
Love the way they make pizza old school.
- jose f.
Kitchen is dirty and nasty. Employees are rude. Frozen pizza would of been a better option!!!
- gregorio r.
Very nice tasty pizza if you like a thick slice come here
- Sebastian A.
Best pizza in town
- Luis R.
Best Pizza In Lowell!!
- Denise P.
Fast food
- Jayde B.
The pizza is so delicious and fresh! It only takes 20 minutes from when I order! The sauce is sweet and really good. I wasn't impressed with their sausage pizza, so I stick with pepperoni.
- Christina W.
My favourite pizza anywhere ever. Gets packed during nearby events but always lives up to the challenge. Always worth stopping by. French fries are great too, the portions are generous and the prices are affordable. I'm a lifetime regular.
- Chris S.
The greatest pizza anywhere
- Greg C.
They make a great pizza, the pizza sauce is nice and sweet. They do make a diet pizza which is made on syrian bread which is good if your not to hungry and just want a bite, it's not on the menu, just ask for it.
- Mitchell M.
They have the best sauce ,cheese,and everything about it is good
- Shelycia M.
The pizza is very doughy, which is fine, but the extra crust is better if you have some sort of dipping sauce. As other commenters said, the sauce is very sweet. I didn't personally like how sweet it was. I get why other people would, but it isn't for everyone.
- Conor S.
the best. sweet sauce great crust.
- john k.
If you like sweet tomato sauce ( I do ), this is the best pizza in the world.
- George M.
Iv been to essprso my hole life I love it
- Joey C.
Best pizza I have ever had in my life!
- Samantha B.
best in town; i dont care how pretty it is; i want food
- kim s.
Very good love it stop by and pick up
- David R.
hands down best pizza north of Boston!
- Striker G.
Bad service.
- tatianna r.
Best pizza in #lowell, bar none
- Daniel K.
- Tawnie M.
simply the best in lowell
- jim j.
I really like their pizza
- Sarah W.
- neang e.
the greatest stuff
- john h.
This is my all time favorite pizza, the sweet sauce is sooo good. I drive from Billerica to get it.
- A Google User
Best pizza , been eating here over 23 years. Keep up the good work. Only downside is no bathroom for customers
- A Google User
Hello,my name is Paulo and I was the first brazilian pizza man to work there with my late dear friend and owner Maurice Ferrara,known as Moe.Good Times and good staff.
- A Google User
Employees were very rude. The owner swore at me when I asked I asked to use the bathroom and I said I was a customer.he was mad about something else and obviously took it out on me. The young employees were the worst ervers I have ever encountered in any restaurant.
- A Google User
Excelent :)
- Diego M.

Heaven on a slice. It doesn't get better than this. Traditional hand tossed pizza, delectably sweet sauce, right balance of sauce to cheese, and a great dough recipe. All of this adds up to the best pizza around, period.
- Shawn M.

Espresso Pizza is the best pizza you will ever have. Order ahead as this place is always busy any time or day. This is traditional Italian pizza with sweet sauce, delicious cheese, and soft dough. I have been coming here for over 45 years and the same quality exists today as it did in the 1960's.
- Mike M.

You either love it or hate it. I LOVE IT! I've been coming here for the past 18 years, when they sold pizza by the slice for $1.00. The pizza has a sweet sauce that some people loathe but I on the other hand is a HUGE fan. The plain cheese pizza is my favorite but sometimes I opt for the bacon and pineapple. Parking is a bit tough to get carry out so we always try to go with 2 people and double park. I wish they delivered! I only go for the pizza now but I used to go for the steak and cheese subs and those were a good size. The Cajun fries are also delicious.
- Kim S.

I think this is the best pizza place in Lowell. I love the sweet sauce and their dough is good too. I always do takeout and parking can be tricky, but I usually manage to find a spot around the corner. One time I got the chicken parm pasta and it was very good! The sauce seemed home made and was different than the pizza sauce, but I liked it. The service isn't anything special and same thing goes for the inside of the restaurant, but the food is so good I can overlook the unfriendly staff, bad parking, and old interior.
- Rob B.

I don't usually rate pizza places, not because either I am an elitist or a food snob... Or maybe I am. Anyway I decided to try their grilled chicken pizza after tasting some of their pizza at a get together. I went to their location in lowell because they don't deliver. It was worth it, they use a sweet sauce and the bread is so fluffy. It's such a good pizza. Very very well priced and the person I spoke to on the phone quite pleasant. I like seeing places like this do something simple but still be very good. I will definitely come here whenever I am craving pizza. New place to come to now.
- Timna N.

AWESOME PIZZA! Sweet sauce, thin not chunky, soft well risen crust. People working were fast and courteous. Love this pizza. I wish the seating area was more relaxed, it is set up for quick food. I was able to get two pizza's with one topping on each for $20.00. Great food and affordable.
- Bridget G.

Classic Lowell pizza place. It has a sweet sauce. Nice and messy! Feeds a lot of people. Good for good groups and very casual.
- Maureen C.

Just moved from NYC and this place has some really taste pizza. It's sweet sauce and the price is right on.
- Jerry G.

I'm giving all five stars because I think it's 5-star pizza. If I were having a party and didn't have funds for a more upscale menu, I'd be ordering Espresso's. Pizza is huge, sweet sauce (love it), moderate amount of cheese. To my liking it's the perfect pizza. There are drawbacks to Espresso's, but I didn't want to not give five stars for the five star pizza. I will say the drawbacks: counter staff tend to not be polite. Place is always busy which can take a toll on cleanliness. They don't deliver and it's hard to get parking to run in and pickup an order. So basically, to enjoy the five star pizza you have to meter park, hope your car stays safe on a sketchy Lowell side street, and eat in a packed pizza parlor where the counter staff are a little rude. I hope I've conveyed how AWESOME their pizza is to still get my five stars. Cheers!
- Lin E.

Yum yum....I was somewhat obsessed with this place when I lived close by. Sweet sauce, nice dough, good prices. If only they delivered....
- Signe L.

I really like this place! I see so many reviews about their sauce and people either love it or hate it. I'm a fan. Thumbs up. As a New York native, I take yelpers reviews of pizza with a grain of salt. I just keep searching for my perfect slice. With torn reviewers, we decided to try. Sweeter sauce is a staple with NY pizza. I have never made that association until I had espresso pizza, then was back in NY for a slice. Espresso is good (still not NY pizza)! The crust is way too doughy/fluffy; but that can be looked passed. I can only handle about half the crust before I say "holy crap" to the amount of dough I'm gnawing on. The cheese & sauce combo - well done. This pizza is good, and considering the pizza in this area - it's VERY good. Definitely recommended.
- Susan W.

I like Nathan F.'s comment on the Lowell disclaimer. I totally agree - but for this area, it's possibly the tastiest pizza in town. Stretchy, chewy, tasty mozarella, sweet sauce, and an almost pastry-like crust that is always thoroughly cooked - no "doughy surprise" in there. And still, the crust is very crispy considering it's of the hand-tossed variety. No refills on the $1.05 small sodas, though, is a bummer. And no public restrooms. Yes, it's kind of a dive, but what pizza place isn't? Plus at $1.25 for a slice of cheese pizza, you can't go wrong. Heck, have two. The pepperoni tastes great as well - didn't try any other toppings. If you're lucky, yoou'll get your slice in about 2 minutes. If they need to make one from scratch, figure 10 minutes. They also have a good variety of subs, like any pizza joint should. Open till 11 pm.
- Tommy P.